Do You Have a Sleep Disorder?

Did you know that poor quality sleep is linked to a reduced immune system and more difficulty fighting off bacteria and viruses that cause illness, as well as a host of other health and safety issues? Do you snore or have you been told you snore? Snoring can be the first sign of sleep apnea, a sleep breathing disorder characterized by breathing pauses that occur multiple times per hour throughout the night. This is caused by a blocked or partially blocked airway.

The interrupted breathing can result in reduced oxygen flow in your blood stream that can have a severe impact on your overall health. Over 22 million Americans have sleep apnea and over 80% are undiagnosed. Untreated sleep apnea can cause an increased risk of drowsy driving, workplace accidents and serious health conditions such as stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and many more. The first question is, do you think you have a sleep disorder? Our sleep assessment will quickly tell us whether you need further assessment including a home sleep test. Click below please, this assessment only takes about a minute. Should the assessment suggest you need further evaluation, we will call to schedule an appointment with us. If it suggests you do not have an issue, we will respond to you with that information.

Traditionally, the only solution to treating sleep apnea had been using a CPAP machine. A noisy machine that plugs in, has to be filled with water daily, cleaned daily and has to be placed next to your bed. The machine provides forced air to a mask that is placed over your nose and sometimes nose and mouth. The mask is uncomfortable, difficult to keep clean and has many replacement parts that wear down in just a month or two. Research shows that less than 50% of CPAP owners use their machines and only half of them enough to get effective therapy for their sleep apnea. For over 30 years, oral appliances have been available to provide the same treatment as a CPAP (opening your airway so you breathe normally all night). There are many devices to choose from, and we will custom fit you with the appliance that will best provide you with effective treatment for your sleep disorder.


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