Headache & Migraine Treatment in Simons Island, GA

If you are suffering from constant headaches, soreness, or pain in your face and jaw, teeth grinding may be the case. Teeth grinding or bruxism occurs when you are asleep, and you may be unaware of it until your dental examination unveils tooth wear. Many studies have reported that bruxism has a connection with headaches and migraines. The situation calls for visiting our dental clinic and finding a suitable treatment approach. 

The Relation Between Bruxism and Headache 

Extreme emotional disturbances like anxiety, anger, and stress cause your teeth to clench and grind, thus leading to severe headaches and migraines. Involuntary teeth clenching also happens when you are highly focused on activities like reading and working. This condition is known as awake bruxism. Such an intense concentration level may also lead to headaches in some people. 

The connection between headache and bruxism is also influenced by excessive consumption of alcohol. Drinking before bedtime affects your quality of sleep. Consequently, your jaw muscles turn hyperactive and start to clench. 

When you visit our clinic to find the treatment of headache and migraine caused due to teeth grinding, we will suggest using a mouthguard. 

What is a Mouthguard? 

A mouthguard is a plastic oral appliance fitted on the top and bottom of your teeth. We customize it after measuring the shape and size of your mouth so that it fits you completely and provides the best protection against teeth grinding. As the mouthguard fits perfectly, you do not feel uncomfortable while wearing it. You are expected to wear the mouthguard during bedtime. 

How Does This Device Work? 

A mouthguard doesn’t prevent your urge of grinding the teeth when you are asleep, but it does protect your teeth from getting damaged. When this device is fitted appropriately into your mouth, it acts as a barrier between the top and bottom teeth. It further cushions your jaw muscles when you clench your jaw. Thus, wearing a mouthguard reduces pain and also prevents your enamel from getting deteriorated. 

How to Sleep with a Mouthguard? 

During the initial days of using a mouthguard, you may feel a little discomfort. Allow yourself four to six weeks to get used to this routine. Put this device in your mouth right before you go to bed. With the continuous use of a mouthguard, you will benefit significantly, and your headache or migraine will not occur frequently.

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